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Post  D-Pryde on Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:35 am

How to Not Get Banned
Follow these tips on the forums and your chances of being banned will be reduced significantly.

Forum Rules
The forum rules are important. They tell you what posts are allowed and which ones aren't. Read it!
The Search Button

Don't spam. Every time you post topics that are considered spam (unconstructive posts, lacking in content value), inappropriate posts, or repetitive topics, your warning meter will increase. This is a form of punishment that serves as a warning as well as a punishment in cases which a ban is not neccessary. When your spam percent reaches 100%, you can no longer post on the forums or is immediately followed by a permanent ban.
Appropriate Topic Titles

"HELP ME PLZ!!", "Computer not working", "Problem", and etc are not helpful titles. When you are creating a post, make it informative so that people can just look at your title and know what your post is about with out reading it.

Forum Rules
To create a safe environment for everyone it is mandatory to follow the rules provided for you.

No swearing or offensive language.
No 'flaming' or insulting people.
No racist comments.
No providing or linking to viruses or harmful programs.
No pornographic material is allowed.
No blood and gore material is allowed.
No posts that violates the Terms of Service.

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