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Post  Baby D. on Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:56 am

Bleach Sunglasses:
50Father'sSunglasses 100RottenFish 50TurtleShell
Black Angel of Ghost:
5angeling Card 5Ghostring Card 10Black Dyestuff
Black Dark Knight Mask:
5abysmal Knight Card 5bloody Knight Card 10black Dyestuff
Black Evolved Majestic Goat:
10Baphomet Horn 100antelopeHorn 20Goat Card
Black Gangster Scarf:
1gangster egg 20gangstermask 10blackDyestuff
Black Helm of Darkness:
50helm 50helmofdullahan 10blackdyestuff
Black Marijuana Beret:
1featherberet 50clover 50fourLeafclover
Black Usakoring Hat:
50poringhat 5ghostring card 10black dyestuff
Blue Ears:
50blackcatears 100bluebijou 50bluetinted feather
Classy Hat:
50hat 10whitedyestuff
Dark Helmet:
50helm 20blackdyestuff
Diabolic Hat:
30diabolic card 100little evil horn 100little evil wing
Divine Halo:
50halo 20divinecross 10whitedyestuff
Divine Helmet:
50safetyhelmet 20divinecross 10whitedyestuff
Sword of Lore:
50bastardsword 30turquoise 30crystalofdarkness
Wolf Ears:
1vagabond wolf egg 200wolfclaw
20impcard 100live coal 100burning hair
20impcard 100live coal 100 burning hair
feather ribbon:
2feather beret 30bigribbon 30ribbon
fire wolf spirit:
1 vagabond wolf egg 5firedragon scale 50level5fireball
kankuro hood:
20shinobi card 100broken shuriken 100old shuriken
kankuro mask:
20shinobi card 100broken shuriken 100old shuriken
long ears:
50elvenears 50emblem of the sun god
long wedding veil:
30wedding veil 30wedding dress 50emblem of the sun god
nymph wing:
20 evil nymph card 100transparent celestial robe
5 feather beret 30 scarlet dyestuff
reaper cowl:
30 deathword card 30 crescent scythe
shaman headgear:
20divine cross 30 holy avenger 50 level5heal
shaman wings:
20divine cross 30 holy avenger 50 level5heal
silver coronet:
20coronet 20broken crown
siren wings:
20medusa card 100mystic frozen 100witherlessrose
poring child cap:
50poring card 50poring hat 100poring doll
purple scarf:
200 old purple box 10violet dyestuff

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